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The Best Ceramic Artists In Britain

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The Best Ceramic Artists In Britain

Britain has always been one of the forerunners of ceramic art. It has managed to produce a number of creative and talented artists who have displayed their skills all around the globe. And ceramics is not a new concept in Britain. Rather, it has come down the generations, providing people with beautiful art forms. This started from the early 20th century when the British took up ceramic art very seriously.

In this article, we will talk about some of the greatest British artists in the field of ceramic art, be it pottery or otherwise. These are people who have contributed to the field in the past or are doing so at present. Let us have a look.

Lucie Rie

This Australia born artist worked during the prime years of the 20the century and gave to the world some of her best work in the form of ceramic art. Rie was really passionate about art and especially ceramic art. She was influenced by Roman pottery. In order to hone her skills in the trade, she went on to make trips to different countries to explore art, including the likes of France and Italy.

Hans Coper

Hans Coper has been yet another extraordinary figure in the world of ceramic art. He was born in Germany, but practiced this art in Britain. Even though Coper worked in closer association with Rie, the former’s work was treading more along the lines of abstract and non-functional art. There are several tea sets and cups and saucers made by Hans while working in Rie’s studio. His unique ceramic pots became really famous also.

Bernard Leach

The next name that makes it this list is that of Bernard Leach. He was more fondly known as the ‘Father of British Studio Pottery’. This name explains his skill and art. Leach practiced his art in various places, including the likes of Japan, Hong Kong, England and others. He had a knack for discovering new art forms and ceramic pottery was his forte. He also travelled to France and Italy to explore this form of art.

Richard Slee

Richard Slee completed his education in the field of arts and design from Carlisle College. He graduated with a first class honors degree in ceramics and his career never looked back ever since. He is known for his work in indoor decoration items. His work is exhibited in various museums and events across the world.

James Tower

The list will remain incomplete without the name of James Tower. He was a ceramist, painter and sculptor. His knack for art was best recognized by the Gold medal he was awarded for painting. He was famous for his 3 dimensional paintings in ceramic forms. He had a unique approach to his work, something that attracted the art lovers!

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