Ceramic Filters

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Ceramic Filters

When you hear the word “ceramics” what comes to mind? Lots of people imagine pottery, or other items crafted from clay, then glazed and fired in a kiln to make, well, ceramics. Others might think of specialty computer parts, or even photographic lenses; very fragile and very expensive items. However, one of the most common uses for ceramics today is in filtration systems, especially in bodies of water, like pools or aquariums. Ceramic filters are safe and non-toxic, fairly cheap to produce when compared to some other filters, and easy to install.

First, it’s key to understand how ceramic filters work. Because they aren’t made from organic material, they don’t really harbor bacteria as well as some other types of filters. The ceramics can be made in such a way that there are several layers of ceramic with tiny holes to allow water to pass through, but catch any solid materials which are flowing along the same path. Think of a window screen which has been rolled up on itself to make a kind of mesh cylinder and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what most ceramic pool filters look like.

If you just look up canister filters, you’ll probably get hit with a number of different ceramic filters, though like I mentioned before water filters come in a variety of different materials. There are certainly cheaper options out there, but filters made from inferior materials need to be replaced more often and have a higher chance of failing to do the job they were installed to do. This might not be a big deal if you rarely swim in your pool anyhow, but if you’re in there for the majority of days in a week, that kind of exposure could be bad.

Filters like these are also used inside of aquariums, and that’s where you really can’t compromise for any reason, in my opinion. People who are barely in the water, that’s fine, that’s pretty much normal. But fish are always in that body of water, and they need it to be clean lest they pick up some sort of disease. If you’re an aquarium owner like me, you’ll probably want to check out http://canisterfilterguide.com/best-aquarium-filter-reviews/ to get a better idea of what specific filters might be good for your current setup.

In the end, you have to go with whatever is best for you. That means looking at the costs, the benefits, the losses, the life of the filter, the amount of use the filter would go through, and a few other factors. Once you know the best option for your specific needs, you’re making an informed shopping decision. I don’t really care if you go for something besides ceramic either – just be sure you’re happy with what you end up using. You can always just replace it later, so it’s not a serious commitment. Still, who doesn’t want to get their money’s worth?