Ceramics Around The Home

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Ceramics Around The Home

We’ve covered many different uses for ceramics on this blog, as well as businesses and trades where ceramics and ceramic goods are a major part of the picture. But what about ceramics you can find around your home? The odds are good there are some ceramics around your home, both inside and out. These could be in the kitchen, the bathroom or the floors, or even on the outside of the house, like in the case of ceramic doorbells and doorbell frames. First, let’s talk floors, since ceramic tiles can be found pretty regularly on the floors of homes all over the world.

Because ceramics don’t hold onto water like carpeting or untreated wood would normally do, you will often find ceramic tiles or similar flooring in places which are regularly wet. Kitchens and bathrooms in restaurants and homes are typically the places where the most running water can be found in a given day. This is why you see lots of ceramic tile floors in places like these. Vinyl tiles could do the job in some instances, but they really don’t hold up against extreme temperatures well without melting, so they’re pretty much useless in places which get very hot, like kitchens.

Doorbells were mentioned too, and that’s another place where you can find ceramics around your home. The frame for a doorbell is often used as a decorative piece for most homes, as a sort of way to dress up the front door. You don’t see this as often with wireless doorbells, like these, which are all about ease of installation and use. The houses which do feature them seem to be older homes as a rule, but with the way design schemes and styles keep rotating in and out of vogue, it’s probably only a matter of time before people start using ceramic doorbell plates regularly again.

If you have any pet fish or drive a vehicle of any kind for work, recreation or just to move around faster, the odds are good you have another location (or two) where you could find ceramics in and out of your home. Many fish tanks, or at least the larger ones, come with these things called canister filters which are just basically water filters shaped like cans and made from ceramic material. And ceramics can be found on every spark plug in just about every motor and engine you can find, including cars, trucks, vans and bikes.

We do like to talk about ceramics here, so if you have anything to add on the topic, please feel free to comment. We probably missed a handful of places where ceramics or ceramic materials can commonly be found in and around homes. And maybe we did that on purpose to try and stimulate some conversation here. Just to name a few and prove it, planters, paints and lighting fixtures are three other common places to find ceramics and there are far more which have yet to be named, so don’t be shy.