Ceramics as an Exercise for Body and Mind

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Ceramics as an Exercise for Body and Mind

It’s kind of surprising how many fun activities can be used as a means of exercise in addition to entertainment. Sports of all kinds come to mind, but there are many activities besides the purely physical which fall into this category. For instance, ceramics is a creative feat which is good exercise for the mind, but which can also prove good exercise for the body as well. Have you ever tried hauling around 40 pound blocks of clay before? If you’re not used to it, you can get winded pretty fast – and even if you are that’s plenty of weight for a person to lift.

I’m not saying you should hook up your clay blocks to your home power rack or anything like that – though you could find some means of doing just that, I’m sure. What I’m saying is, moving your equipment around and getting set to start a session of crafting ceramics can be a workout in and of itself, including much heavy lifting, twisting, turning, dipping, bending and for some of us, sweating. It isn’t light work, regardless of what some would have you think. In fact, if you find me someone who says ceramics, pottery and the like are for wimps, I’ll find you someone with no experience in the field.

The physical aspect behind it should be pretty clear now. I don’t think I need to explain much about the mental side of ceramics though. The ability to freely create whatever comes to mind, as long as you have the skills to form the image you’ve imagined, is most liberating. Ceramics can be frustrating in equal amounts if you’re constantly trying to create something beyond your level of experience or talent, but this is not unique to ceramics by any means. Since that’s clear enough, I won’t spend overmuch time trying to explain it.

What I will do is take a moment to discuss the relationship between ceramics and pottery. While pottery is a field of its own, the term “pottery” has also been used previously and even today to describe the product created through ceramics. Likewise, ceramics has been used as a term to describe the various pots, urns and other objects crafted through pottery. There is a bit of confusion here, since the two terms are seemingly interchangeable, but it’s important to remember that ceramics and pottery still are not the same thing, exactly.

For one, pretty much anyone can grab a lump of clay, get it wet and stick it on a potter’s wheel to start molding something out of it. Creating high quality ceramics is something which takes much more time and practice, however. The products of ceramics are typically looked at as being higher-end or higher-quality goods than what you might get through pottery, as well. .Of course, this last bit is open to interpretation, but then so is so much else when you’re talking about the arts. One thing is for sure though – ceramics and crafting are good exercises for both the body and the mind.