Cooling off After Ceramics

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Cooling off After Ceramics

Ceramics, both making them and marketing them, can be an exciting and entertaining prospect. They pose both an excellent way to improve one’s manual dexterity as well as a means to open up one’s artistic side and let it show. However, ceramics are complicated too, involving many delicate motions and movements of the hands, unless you’re doing something super simple like punching a dent in a lump of clay and calling it an ashtray. There’s the heat too, at least if you glaze and fire your own work when you’re done with the molding. Thankfully, you can cool off after ceramics with far less effort and precision.

Some people like a swim after doing something stressful, or going for a run. In this case, I’m talking about taking out your frustrations and other negative feelings on a BJJ DUMMY, or any other kind of combat dummy for that matter. Did your latest project not go so well? Maybe you miscalculated the firing temperature and destroyed a piece of art by cooking it too hot, or for too long. Whatever has you upset, once you’re done with your ceramics and you’ve cleaned up, you can punch, kick, elbow and otherwise abuse your training dummy – and it will never say a thing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Is this really a good idea? Shouldn’t you figure out what went wrong and learn how to fix it for next time, rather than just blowing off steam? I say, it’s important to get a clear head before you try to do any critical thinking, and this is probably the best way around for doing that. It’s quick, it’s easy and perhaps most important of all, nobody gets hurt – except for you, if you happen to be a little overzealous. Fortunately, these training dummies are useful for much more than just getting rid of excess anger.

Cooling off After CeramicsYou might not be a very physical person, but dummies like the ones mentioned so far are great training aids for those looking to learn how to fight, and that’s just one other use for them. Once you’re done working out your mind by trying to create something unique and special, you owe it to yourself to work out your body too. I mentioned one reason you might want to do this, but even if you aren’t upset or angry, you can still benefit from beating on a training dummy. They are very useful constructs, to be sure.

However you look at it, this is a great way to cool off after working with ceramics. It’s just plain old healthy too, both for getting out your grievances and giving your muscles a little workout as well. If you’re sick, or frail, or you can’t do this for some other reason, then that’s fine; everyone else might want to look into picking up a dummy though. You never know when life will throw you for a spin and get you all riled up, so they’re useful to have around even when you aren’t doing your ceramic work.