Crafting a Beautiful Woman Face

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Crafting a Beautiful Woman Face

At a party recently, knowing about my interest in sculpting, a client approached me with her wish to sculpt a clay model of her face. Seeing her eagerness for the clay model, I accepted. It is extremely satisfying to work on clay and I feel a strong sense of connection all of which made me involve enthusiastically in the project.

We set up a date and time, and to her credit she arrived on time. I had all the material ready and started on the work.  With my hands in the clay, I think back on the way I’d learnt the sculpting a few years back. The face sculpting drew me because of my interest in the human anatomy. The lines and angles of the face are so intricate that it requires great skill to replicate them. I’d had a great time learning the sculpting and it was lot of fun too.

Coming back to the present, the client had a beautiful face with sharp features and a slender neck. Her trim and fit body had me asking her about how she keeps it in shape. She replied, ‘I go to gym regularly. And I also never forget my keen protein powder’. Now that I had her secret, I’d surely spread word around about it.

The sculpting soon got completed. She was awed at the finished work and praised the end work a lot. Sculpting is not a backbreaking procedure. You will do it with elegance when you know the process completely and have a good amount of practice, which is the fun part actually. Here are the steps involved.

•             You need a ball of clay, garlic press and sculpting tools to start

•             Roll the ball of clay into an oval shape. The shape depends on the face you want to sculpt. A smooth and definite shape will make the other steps easier.

•             Now separate the face into sections with a rubber ended tool. For symmetry, draw a vertical line in the middle and a horizontal line at the eye level, one at the bottom of nose and another at the mouth level.

•             Slope the neck part out, so the face can sit comfortably on a table while working.

•             Using the knife, cut on the clay until you get the desired form.

•             The excess clay can be used for making the form of mouth, nose and ears.

•             Smooth the features so they fuse well together.

•             For the hair use the garlic press and make clay hair. For long hair, you need to use extra clay. Place the hair on the head. The head can be left as such without the hair too.

•             Leave the face to dry till it is hard and unpliable.

Painting the head

Once the clay has hardened, you can paint it and add your own creative touches. Now leave some time for it to dry and coat a solution of water and glue to protect the paint. You face is ready. It is also possible to create sad, happy, funny and any other expression you want. A little knowledge about the face structure, basic sculpting technique and a lot of enthusiasm are all that you need to get it right.