Decorating and Glazing in Pottery

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Decorating and Glazing in Pottery

One way of decorating your pottery pieces is by a method known as Glazing. Glaze is a layer of glass like substance that has been fused to a ceramic piece. Glaze adds color; decoration to a ceramic piece and it also strengthens and waterproofs items. Glazing is a useful method to use on earthenware pieces, as they are unsuitable for holding liquids due to their porosity.  Glazing is used on stoneware and porcelain pieces as well.

Glaze on pottery pieces can have a variety of finishes, of gloss, matte and color. There are many ways to glaze your pieces. Most commonly pieces are dipped directly into the glaze, or you can dry dust the mixture over the clay, you can also pour the glaze over your piece or you can also spray it on with an airbrush.

Another method of glazing is Salt Glaze Pottery. In Salt Glaze Pottery, salt or soda is inserted in the kiln at high temperatures, which creates a sodium vapor that reacts with the aluminum sicilia oxides in the piece of clay, which forms and deposits the glass.

If you have decorated your pieces of pottery and then apply a glaze over the top then the decorations are known as under glaze.  If you decorate on the top of your glaze this is known as over glaze.

A fun ways of decorating your pottery pieces is to cut some sponges or soft foam into any shape that you desire. Using slip (slip is the liquefied suspension of clay particle in water), soak your cut out pieces and use them to decorate your pieces. You may wash your cut out foam to use different colors of slip.

Another way to decorate you piece is to leave impressions in the surface of the clay.  You can use a modeling tool to shape your clay and to make impressions on your damp clay pieces. To create impressions on your pieces you can use rubber stamps, rubber wheelies and also an odd, but very creative choice, is a pine cone that can make for very interesting impressions and designs.

Keeping with the plant theme branches and leaves can also be used to create artistic and interesting impressions.  Using twine to create impressions is another creative way, try the bottom of bottles or even baskets made of grass or whicker. You can be as creative as you want and use many objects that you can easily find around your home to create fantastic impressions on your pieces.

So there are many common ways to decorate your pieces, but you have an artistic license to get creative within each of these methods. Push the boundaries of your creativeness and have fun decorating your pottery pieces.  The best part about decorating your pottery is that it’s very relaxing. So you get to have a creative time and relax all at the same time.