Decoupage On Pottery Items

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Ceramics, Pottery Decoration | Comments Off on Decoupage On Pottery Items

The most beautiful thing about self-made ceramics is the ability to create usable, useful and unique work from beginning to end. Whether you’re making a plate, vase, candlestick or anything else, they are completely your work from start to finish. Some ceramic objects do not need additional embellishment. For example, a vase of an unusual shape. However, some simple shapes and objects made of ceramics require little embellishment. One of the easiest ways to decorate your masterpiece made of ceramics is the use of decoupage techniques.

Decoupage is an old technique of decorating hard surfaces that give you endless possibilities. You can use it on any solid surface – from ceramic objects to the wood. It implies the coating with paper pictures or napkins. Before you start to decorate your pottery, it is best to study it. Observe the edges, assess absorption and roughness. Prepare it with sanding and paint in appropriate color. Only then you are switching to decoration.

For decorating with decoupage techniques you need the following:

  • The thing that you want to decorate. This can be a ceramic object that you have created, or even ceramic tiles in your bathroom. Simple monochrome ceramic tile or a board with regular or irregular edges can become an interesting wall painting. You just have to decorate it, make a simple frame that will not distract the attention from your masterpiece and hang it on the wall.
  • Tools. It is impossible to do anything with bare hands. You need a tool for decoupage. In this case, these are various brushes, sponges for application of glue and collecting of excess glue, scissors and scalpels for cutting, a small roller with which you will flatten a surface that you decorate. To make objects that will decorate, you will need other tools. Let’s say, for making the frame in which you will put your picture made on the ceramic tile, the practical framing nailer can be of great use. It can significantly save you time and effort.
  • Motives that you will use for decoration. You can cut them from newspapers or paper napkins, or use the images that you find on the Internet and print on paper.
  • Glue and varnish. To put a paper to ceramics, you must first apply a glue. Today, you can find a special glue that is used for this purpose. When you’re all done, you need to apply the layer of varnish. The varnish will give a shine to your work, but also to protect from scratches the image that you’ve put on it.

There is not a thing that you cannot embellish in this way. And best of all, it is almost impossible to make two identical things, especially if you’re creating your own pottery. Human hands always make mistakes. However, these mistakes are not flaws, but the seal of uniqueness. Decoupage is an easy, inexpensive and very effective way to show your imagination and creativity and to make ordinary things in a real pottery masterpiece.