Methods Of Shaping In Ceramics

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Methods Of Shaping In Ceramics

The art of ceramics has developed over the years into something widespread and attractive in terms of its creations. There are a number of methods that have been developed over the years and one no longer has to solely rely on the more traditional methods of manually pressing and shaping something into existence. Some of the old methods that were in prior use did not allow for the capability of producing the kind of art works that is seen in various art exhibitions and showcases around the globe.

For those who are thinking about delving into ceramics as a hobby, it is wise to first consider the different methods there are of creating this type of art. Once one has all the information that they need, they are able to choose the method that best suits them according to their particular conditions.

The method of shaping ceramics chosen by an individual can depend on a number of factors that have an external effect on their decision as well as personal taste which deals to what type of art speaks most to the individual in question.

Some of the external factors that can affect a person’s final decision on the method of shaping that they choose to utilize in their ceramics can include issues such as the particular finances of an individual and how much they are willing to spend on their new found love of ceramics, the kind of art that he wants to create which has to do with issues such as the size of the final product and the personal taste of that particular individual.

It should be noted that some clay and chemicals used in the production of ceramics can be harmful to the skin after long term exposure, so in order to avoid the need for the frequent use of a microdermabrasion machine like the ones from CamilasBeauty, it is best to ensure that one has protective gear on when they are going through the process.

Some of the methods of ceramic shaping that one can choose to employ include:

  • The potter’s wheel – This is one of the most common and not to mention one of the oldest methods of shaping ceramics. The potter’s wheel is a device used by the artist to shape the clay in what they want through a circulatory motion combined with variants of pressing and moulding. This process is known as throwing and the ball of clay is initially placed at the center of the turntable which rotates mechanically via an electronic motor that is attached to the device. The speed of the wheel head can be changed manually by the artiste via a stick or foot pedal.
  • Granulate Processing – This is a more industrial method and is mostly used by individual’s seeking to produce products for commercial use. The shaping process is achieved through the pressing of clay in its granulated form into a mould. Water delivered at a high pressure helps in this process allowing the clay to fit easily into the mould. Once this is done the mould is left to dry and take shape.