Using ceramics in shooting activities

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Using ceramics in shooting activities

Ceramic may be a nice and interesting hobby, but it cannot be denied that from can be created numerous useful things, not just decorations. Besides useful things for the house, decorations and dishes, ceramic has found wide uses in various industries and technologies, and even in shooting activities. Yes, we are talking about clay pigeons.

Clay pigeons were created because there was a need to train the and bring to perfection in shooting a moving target. In the beginning for these purposes people used a variety of things, such as, for example, potatoes. Later, these targets were replaced with targets in the form of glass balls.

The problem with glass targets was the fact that after firing on the ground stayed a lot of broken, sharp glass. So there were made up of other kinds of targets, among which we can cite those of coal, crumpled paper, wood … These experiments were more or less successful.  At the end of the 19th century, there was the invention in the form of a plate made of clay, baked to get the hardness. It is a short story about the origin of clay pigeons, which are used in a variety shooters activities.

Even if clay pigeons are a safer option than a glass, dissolved in the ground and completely natural and environment friendly, that does not mean that they are less dangerous. When you are shooting in any way, safety is paramount. First, you need to have adequate protection for the ears and the eyes. Also, it is important to take into account to store the weapon in a secure place when it is not in use. On the website, you can find a great number of gun safes that will keep your weapons far from the possibility to get into the wrong hands. This is especially important when you have children in the house.

The first variant of clay pigeons was made of pure clay that was crumbled, mixed with water and placed in a mold. The mold was baked to get the hardness. Since these targets were very hard and difficult to break, it was necessary to do something brittle, so people invented composition targets – from a combination of limestone and pitch, or from a combination of plaster and mud.

After solving the problem of the shape and composition of the target, it was left to solve the problem of target traps. The first clay pigeons were trapped manually, and they had a special part made for easy management. On this issue, development progressing rapidly and by the end of the 19th century there were created magazine fed traps. These traps appeared in the USA first, and the original invention was quickly promoted and improved.

Since those days, shooting clay pigeons has been another in a series of sports activities that are used for entertainment. In addition, this is one in a series of human activities in which the ceramic production found its role.