You’d Be Surprised to Know the Many Uses of Ceramics

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You’d Be Surprised to Know the Many Uses of Ceramics

Since ancient times, ceramic has proved to be a valuable material. Glossy, sturdy and versatile, ceramic continues to be a highly useful material even in modern times. Most of us come in contact with ceramic in our day-to-day life but hardly notice them.

Here we take a look at the well known and the not-so-well-known uses of ceramic.

Uses of ceramic that we commonly ignore


We also come in contact with ceramic on a daily basis through the ceramic cookware and kitchenware. Mortar and pestles, glazed and unglazed pots and crockery, and mug all use ceramic. Lately, ceramic knives, which are very lightweight, durable and sharp, have become popular.


Since ancient times, ceramic has been commonly used as tiling material. Today, they remain a popular pick for a kitchen, bathroom, and even roofing. Modern ceramic tiles can be glazed with all sorts of colorful designs. Ceramic tiles can even be customized to a preferred design. Ceramic is highly favored because of its aesthetics and durability.

Sanitary ware

Toilets, bathtubs and sinks are definitely made from ceramic. We use these sanitary wares on a daily basis. When glazed and fired, ceramic becomes non-porous, durable and shiny clean. These attributes make ceramic the perfect choice for sanitary ware.


Not many of us know but the brick and cement used to build homes do contain a ceramic material. In fact, ceramic is a major aggregate of many cement products. Without ceramic, we won’t be able to construct any concrete structure.

Arts and crafts

Many timeless art pieces are made of ceramic material. They range from statues to sculpture to mixed art. Both vintage and modern pottery with art can be made of ceramic. This material can also be used for a wide array of crafts such as small ceramic figurines or decorative pieces. And you can even have a customized ceramic book cover to secure any of your precious books or even the planner that you bought at

Uses of ceramic we hardly know of

You might be surprised to learn that ceramic is actually used for these other purposes.


Did you know that TVs, computers, radios, and electric motors all use ceramic? Many are unaware that ceramic is actually used in electronic devices that they use every day. Usually, ceramic is used for its insulation properties.


In the field of medicine, ceramic is used to create teeth and artificial bones. This material is vital in developing hip replacements products. In orthodontics, ceramic is not only used to create veneers, dentures and false teeth, they are also used as tooth fillings. In fact, ceramic tooth fillings are becoming very popular since the material bonds perfectly with the tooth which makes them extremely strong.


A lot of people hardly know that ceramic is actually present in our cars. Catalytic converters contain ceramic that helps convert toxic fumes into non-toxic gases. This helps decrease pollution and benefits the environment. Ceramic is also used as a component of different part of the car engine. Makers of hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles are also looking at the potential uses of ceramic in their projects.


Ceramic is a heat-resistant material which makes it the best material to use in NASA’s Space Shuttle. Thousands of insulated composite ceramic materials are used to protect the exterior of the Space Shuttle from overheating as a result of friction with the Earth’s atmosphere. Future space aircraft are also expected to use ceramic to make them more aerodynamic and heat-resistant.

With all these amazing uses of ceramic, could you imagine your day-to-day life without it? To those who think that ceramic is a thing of the past, think again! There are a lot of vital uses of ceramic that you hardly even notice.

Ceramic is a very useful material that makes our life so much easier. So, if you’re looking for a material that will be good on a product you’re envisioning, why not consider ceramic?